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Important Notice

It has come to the attention of the Birman Cat Club Committee that there is a huge increase in demand for kittens. This has resulted in some unethical selling practices by backyard breeders, as well as adverts intending to scam potential new kitten owners and indeed our breeders themselves. We advise anyone looking for a new kitten please to read the guidance on the GCCF site which has been posted recently due to the high number of complaints received by the GCCF. This guide will help you to understand what to expect when buying a pedigree kitten and the importance of correct paperwork when buying your pet.

There is also a link posted by Cats Protection to help all domestic cat & kitten owners.

Please note that some of the adverts state pedigree crosses. These are not full pedigree and are basically moggies and as such should not obtain the high prices asked for. The complete absence of registration would imply that either the kitten might not be a full pedigree, or that the breeder has used a cat for breeding without getting the necessary permissions from the original owner. A registration that doesn't show the breeder as the owner, or where the prefix doesn't belong to the breeder, could well imply that the kitten has already been sold on and the person purporting to be the breeder may well just be looking to profit from buying and selling kittens.

Kittens can range in price from £750 to £1000. Show quality and breed quality are an additional cost and subject to negotiation with the breeder.

Overall Best in Show
Birman Cat Club Show 2019

Ch & Imp Gr Pr Sucette Wishy Washy
Blue Tortie Point Neuter

Owned and bred by Miss E Whitby

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