NEWS: The Birman Cat club 2024 Show is coming soon! Saturday November 25th 2023 at Bloxwich Leisure Centre, Walsall WS3 2DA.
Come along and enjoy a wonderful day out seeing these beautiful Birmans on display.

We are looking for volunteers to join our committee. Our friendly team use zoom around 4 times a year for our meetings, you don’t have to be a breeder to come along!

The Birman Cat Club Calendar is now here. How to purchase one below. Why not buy one for a friend, its a PURRfect stocking filler!

NEW: Kittens available Site updated 16th November 2023

Cleo Birman Birman Kitten bred byTina Mason

Welcome to the Birman Cat Club!

We are a passionate long established club for Birman lovers everywhere, pets, breeders, experts and basically anyone who loves a Birman!

On our site you can find lots of information on Birmans in general, history of Birmans, our pet lovers, our show goers and our lovely magazine that comes out every year.

Our show is one of our proudest events in our yearly calendar, updates and latest information can be found on the site.

Looking for a kitten or reputable breeders? Take a look at all the drop down menus and most of all have fun! 

Birman Cat Club Calendar 2024
To contact Donna Coupland, email address

Price £6 each plus postage and packing

Thank you to the sponsors for once again supporting the calendar and the club.

Hamish bred byTina Mason

Seal Tortie Kitten bred byTina Mason mailto:tina.mason5@gmail.comRed Male Kitten bred byTina Mason

Jemley Seaspirit, pet name Aura, owned and photo credit Leanne Firth

Seal Tortie Kitten bred byTina Mason

"BIS BCC 2023 OSIGRCH Mlyward Heitiki Owned by Ron & Dennis Mlyward

"BIS BCC 2023 OSIGRCH Mlyward Heitiki Owned by Ron & Dennis Mlyward

Best in Show

Birman Cat Club show 2022

 Our President David Redfelt with the superb
Best In show Trophy awarded to the beautiful

OSIGRCH Mlyward Heitiki

Owned by Ron & Dennis Mlyward

The latest Birman Cat Club magazine is out! For our Birman lovers everywhere it's packed with stories, information and beautiful colour photographs.



Kitten bred byTina Mason

Kitten bred byTina Mason

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Take a look at the website which is a wonderful resource all about cats, kittens and cat ownership. Useful to cat breeders and cat owners, they even have a shop that sells cat-related products.