2017 AGM

Proposed change to legislation affecting the sale of kittens

This is a brief resume of the AGM. for those unable to attend. The official, full minutes will be published in due course.

The meeting was held in the Oliver Bird Hall, Solihull, and was well supported. Members were welcomed with a buffet lunch before the meeting.

The elections for office were uncontested and your committee for this year is, Chairman Jim Warrender, Vice Chairman Heather Horton, Secretary Neil Porter, Treasurer Paul Veal, Minutes Secretary Marcia Owen. Ordinary members, Nicky and Mark Butler, Simone Ensor, Patsy Knight, Anne and Peter Madden, Janet Osborn, Linda Russell, Jennifer Veal and Ray Wigley.

The accounts were approved and there were no rule changes.

One of our new Show Managers, Lesley Szwed, attended and outlined plans for the 2017 show. Copies of the scheduled classes were available, and new ideas explained. Unfortunately the present venue can no longer provide refreshments and we will need to find a new venue for 2018. Sharing a venue with another shows was discussed but a show of hands indicated that those present would prefer a stand alone event.

The latest information from the Heart Research team was circulated. A genetic specialist was joining the team. Free scans could still be arranged through Jose Novo Matos.

Members spent a long time talking about the proposals from DEFRA about controlling and licensing the breeding and selling of cats and kittens. These will come into affect next year. Ray Wigley who has studied the paperwork was able to answer questions and direct people to the relevant information. Members expressed feeling let down by the GCCF who should have been representing them. There was a real fear that they would not be able to continue with their hobby. It was decided to have a further discussion during Show Day, when more information should be available.

The meeting then broke for Tea and Cake.

After tea Anne Madden thanked the ladies responsible for the refreshments.

The proposal to change some wording in the Standard of Points was rejected.

Val Kilburn explained the new Show Structures proposed by the GCCF, members agreed that the third grouping was the best one for the Birman Breed. Details are on the GCCF web site.

Linda Russell was complimented on the magazine and discussed further issues.

Jennifer Veal gave a report on the annual Post Show Dinner.

Anne Madden conducted the Calendar Draw.

A Seminar is being planned for 24th of September at Mapleborough Green Village Hall, details are available from Jim Warrender.

Neil Porter reminded everyone that 2019 was the club's 50 th Anniversary, and asked for ideas to celebrate the occasion.

The meeting ended with Janet Osborn and Tig Heffernan, presenting the Annual Cups and Trophies to representatives of the year's Top Show Winners.

Heather Horton thanked Janet and Tig for their work and presented Anne Madden with a beautiful frosted bowl and card to mark her standing down as Chairman.

Anne Madden then closed the meeting and wished everyone a safe journey.

Trophy presentations

Jon Faber for Best Tabby Neuter at Supreme
I Gr Pr Maysula Tee

Best Seal Neuter & Best Seal Exhibit Geoffrey & Carol Tarr -
Gr Ch & OG I GrPr Tarkusha HelenofTroy

Best Seal Adult & Best Seal Adult at Surpeme Ron Mlynek & Dennis Hayward
I Gr Ch Mlyward Heiteki

Best Chocolate Adult & Joint Best Chocolate Exhibit Vivian Brenton & Martin Notman
Gr Ch Carrismoon Theodorus

Best Lilac Adult & Best Lilac Exhibit Cynthia Delaney
Gr Ch Nicadaemus Kalyke-Frost

Best Lilac Kitten - Elizabeth Scott
Adifton Luka Dreamcatcha

Breeder of Best Kitten - Julia Morton
Pendlestar Tarkusha Maia

Best Tabby Neuter & Best Tabby Exhibit
Ann Mott - UK Gr Ch & I Gr Pr Jandouglen Seileach

Dawn Brown accepting on behalf of Amy Wilcox and Sarah King as their breeder of Best Red Series Neuter at Supreme & Best Tabby Kitten at Supreme
Dalteema Bazil Brush.
Best Tortie Adult/Best Tortie Exhibit/Best Opposite Sex Adult - Nick & Simone Ensor
UK OB I Gr Ch Kittah Artemis
Also for Best Blue Neuter - UK I Gr Ch & I Gr Pr Kittah Thalia

Dawn Brown accepting on behalf of Amy Wilcox and Sarah King as their breeder of Best Red Series Neuter at Supreme & Best Tabby Kitten at Supreme - Dalteema Bazil Brush.

Best Non-Birman Pedigree Pet - I Gr MC Magic ( Maine Coon) - Nicky Butler

Best Birman Pedigree Pet - Bob & Morwenna Semos - OG I Gr MC Bluebelle

Best Non Pedigree Pet - Pauline Rowley - Gr MC Marley

Carol & Geoffrey Tarr - Best Seal Neuter/Best Seal Exhibit/ Runner up Best Exhibit/Retiring Best Exhibit
GrCh & OG I Gr Pr Tarkusha HelenofTroy


Best Kitten - Pendlestar Tarkusha Maia


Best Seal Adult/ Best Seal Adult at the Supreme - I Gr Ch Mlyward Heiteki
Best Blue Adult/Best Blue Exhibit/Best Blue Adult at Supreme (&BOV) - OB I Gr Ch Mlyward Xanti
Breeders Trophy for Top Prefix
Overall Best Exhibit & Breeder of Best Exhibit for OB I Gr Ch Mlyward Xanti