Breed Numbering

From the 1st October 2013 the GCCF will be phasing in the EMS Numbers System (Easy Mind System) From that date both the old and new numbering systems will work alongside each other until eventually the old system will fall away. To help members move across to this new EMS system, we have provided the table below showing the old and new numbering. The full numbering structure can be found here, as well as the guide to its use.

Colour Old Breed Number New EMS Code
Seal Point 13c1 SBI n
Blue Point 13c2 SBI a
Chocolate Point 13c3 SBI b
Lilac Point 13c4 SBI c
Red Point 13c5 SBI d
Cream Point 13c7 SBi e
Seal Tortie Point 13c6 SBI f
Blue Tortie Point 13c8 SBI g
Chocolate Tortie Point 13c9 SBi h
Lilac Tortie Point 13c10 SBI j
Seal Tabby Point 13c11 SBI n 21
Blue Tabby Point 13c12 SBI a 21
Chocolate Tabby Point 13c13 SBI b 21
Lilac Tabby Point 13c14 SBI c 21
Red Tabby Point 13c15 SBI d 21
Cream Tabby Point 13c17 SBI e 21
Seal Tortie Tabby Point 13c16 SBI f 21
Blue Tortie Tabby Point 13c18 SBI g 21
Chocolate Tortie Tabby Point 13c19 SBI h 21
Lilac Tortie Tabby Point 13c20 SBI j 21