Birmans are very easy to feed. Providing them with any one of the expensive complete foods is all that is necessary for healthy active cats. However there are one or two basic things that a new owner has to understand.

Number one is that all Birmans - even the youngest - can read food labels. This means that any tin or package which says SPECIAL OFFER, BUY ONE GET ONE FREE, REDUCED OR END OF RANGE, will be treated with great suspicion and probably rejected. Be warned about the free sample packets handed out by manufacturers, Birmans will devour these with relish, but go on hunger strike as soon as you purchase a large container of the same. The wise owner will keep all large packets, boxes or containers hidden from the cats.

NEVER NEVER allow your Birman to discover the existence of smoked salmon, tuna, king prawns, pate, or similar, for your food bills will escalate.

Be very wary of the new kitten, who despite every evidence of being very well nourished, ignores his kitten food and sits pathetically by his bowl until a little treat is offered to tempt him. The kitten is starting to train you into good feeding habits and if you succumb, the little treat will become standard diet.

Birmans are very social animals and love to join in entertaining friends or family, however, they do have a rather sweet tooth and as not everyone likes sharing cake and pastries, it is sensible on these occasions to be very vigilant, or alternately purchase a very high table!

Never worry about running out of cat food over Christmas or other Bank Holidays, your Birman will be quite happy to share any festive luxuries. Mine have been known to risk life and limb climbing to the highest shelf in the kitchen and chewing through several layers of wrapping to give me their opinion of the Christmas cake.

One of the greatest treats my Birmans can be given is good quality bread. They will run to help me unpack the latest crusty baguette and race to see who can eat the top off the loaf. If they are not allowed to have the bread fresh, the next best way to enjoy it is after maturing. This means storing the bread until hard, then allowing it to marinade outdoors in wind and rain for several days bringing to a peak of desirability. This luxury is appreciated by the older cats.

Of course the sensible owner will not have fallen into all the traps as I seem to have done, for as I tell everyone purchasing a new Birman. They are very easy to feed, any expensive complete food is all that a Birman needs to be healthy and active………

Anne Madden
Publicity Officer