We are pleased to announce a new joint editor who will be working alongside myself Linda Russell with a view to taking over the magazine. Mr Ying Chang has kindly taken on this rewarding and enjoyable role for which we on the committee are extremely grateful.
You have all hopefully received by now the last magazine, which was printed for Winter 2018. We are happy to inform you that will be the last black and white edition and we can revert back to the colourful one you have enjoyed in the past.
The next magazine will be due out Summer 2019!
So watch those doorsteps folks!


If any members have not received their magazine after a reasonable interval, the person to contact is the Membership Secretary Wendy McQuilkin at wendymcq@yahoo.com, who has the balance of extra copies.

Deadline for sending articles and booking adverts for
the Summer 2019 Magazine is the end of May 2019.

Contact Your Magazine Editors

Mrs Linda Russell: 01922 445158 or jemleybirmans@gmail.com
Mr Ying Chang: 01977 517208 or birmancatclubmagazine@gmail.com