Dondell Pollyanna (BP female, 12.05.1991) Polly is my first Birman breeding queen and has produced some lovely kittens for me over the years. She is rather frail these days, but still enjoys her food and a sleep on my bed. Her son Ch & Gr Pr Adinnlo Majic Mystro (BP MN, 13.05.1993) sired by Gr Ch Klassyklogs Furst Edition is also fit and well. Nelson will occasionally play with kittens when he is in the mood of course!

Jeni Baldwin,
Kraziklaus Birmans, Buckinghamshire
February 2010
My female blue point Birman, Elchris Silmaril, born 3.9.91(Sil) is now nearly 18 1/2 years old. I have had her since she was a tiny kitten - not that she's big now, weighing in at just 2.37 kilos!

Her kidneys aren't in the best of health, but medication has kept her going for the last 2 1/2 years. Like all Birmans, she is the most important member of the household, and dearly loved!

Barbara King
February 2010
"I live in Cumbria and have two golden oldie Birman cats a chocolate point 16 year old and her 15 year old seal point daughter. Both are still going strong and enjoying life the only real sign of their age being a shortage of teeth when eating their treats!"

Mitzi (Quernmore Ocarina) - the mother, was born 4/9/1994 Sire: Quernmore Loony Tunes x Dam: Quernmore Uptown Girl

Shiggy (Adhirlo Tonlyyan) - her daughter,born 2/6/1995 Sire: Rowing Hiawatha x Dam: Quernmore Ocarina

Regards Judith Abel
June 2010
Santamora Sabatini, blue point female known as Pip she was 20 on the 7th of April and this week she had her rabies vaccination as a prelude to getting a passport. She is due to move to the South of France before the end of the year. The vet said she was "not a kidney case" any more, after 3 years on a controlled diet. I bought a (finger) tooth brush for her to reduce the plaque on her teeth and I suspect she will end up enjoying her teeth being brushed as much as she enjoys her daily rake - which she demands.

She was bought from breeders Geoff & Barbara Riley of Stretford, by her first man, broadcaster James Maw, who sold her to me when he started to travel a lot. By 1994, now owning a particle physicist, Pip became one of the first cats to set up her own web page:

I have known a few cats and without a doubt, she is the most delightful of any I have known.

Robin Marshall
July 2010
Hi, just to let you know that my Gr Ch & Gr Pr Esaya Anaisanais is still here and well. She was born on 26th June 1994. She is still queen of the house and sends her days on the boiler or trotting around our fish pond. She is still quite vocal when hungry, and still really enjoys pestering anyone who doesn't like cats!!! Audrey Saye September 2010 I fell in love with Birmans by scouting out the various breeds at cat shows. I met the famous Birman breeder Jan Rogers at a show and arranged to see her latest litters and bought a pedigreed pet quality blue point who I promptly named Shanti, after the mischievous Asian elephant at the Washington DC National Zoo. True to her name, Shanti ruled my condo and appropriately appropriated everything in the place as her - thus, everything belongs to Shanti! Endless times she romped and played and tore at just about everything that could be conceivably called a toy. And broke some, too. But Shanti is sooo loving.

Shanti was born in March 1992, making her over 18 years old as of this writing [10/5/2010]. Nowadays Shanti mostly sleeps and eats and purrs and probably has mouse dreams. She loves following my wife around the house and insists in her own voice to have ice cubes in her water, a sunny place for a comforter, and being the first to eat around here [even before my 7 year old Rescue Birman named Lucky Rocket]. Shanti has lost a bit of weight and doesn't see as well, but certainly has a great sense of hearing, smell and touch.

Eric Donovan
October 2010
Lucy is white, with a chocolate face, ears, legs, and tail I still have the documents that I got from the Pet shop where I bought her in 1992....

Lucy is in good health, and visits the vet once a year for a check up and cat flu jab. Her only health scare was a few years ago when she was diagnosed with high blood pressure. The vet put her on an eighth of a tablet crushed and mixed into her food each night.. she has been fine ever since... she does sleep a lot more now, and she can't jump up onto furniture as easlily as she used to, but her appetite is as good as ever.... the Vet, who breeds Birman himself, told me that whatever I was doing, then it's working, so keep doing it...alas one of his Birman died when she was twelve.

I groom her every morning and night, and I also massage her arms and legs and she loves having her head massaged too. She loves all the that kind of stuff, and I strongly believe that is why she is still with me... She still has the cute kitten look that she had when I bought her, and she is not overweight, and her fur is beautiful.

Patricia McMenim (Australia)
November 2010
Adouzlo Boromir aka Ducha Wellington a blue point and Adouzlo Napoleon Devere aka Franta Napoleon a seal point are two rescued Birman Brothers now aged 17.5 and 18 years on the 13th August 2011.

Ducha Wellington only has 3 legs since before he came to me but rushes round like a maniac although both boys are feeling their age now they are both stunning looking and loved to bits. They live with my two moggies in a rural location in SW Wales.

Gill Clarke
March 2011

My beautiful boy Napoleon was taken ill in mid-April and sadly he passed to the Rainbow Bridge on 10 May and I am totally devastated. His brother is missing him and also one of my big moggies Misa (Meesha).

Gill, May 2011
Our gorgeous seal point Birmans William (Billy) and Harry were beautifully natured and totally devoted to us. We lost Harry at 17 and a half years and Billy at 19 and a half. They were both very much loved and sorely missed. They were from the Jazzanbo Cattery, bred by Nuala Leyton of Jasanbo Birmans who emigrated from Richmond, Surrey in the United Kingdom, and both their parents came from the UK - Ch Jasanbo Jacaranda and Panjandrum Gilded Lily..

Susan and Desmond Coop
Perth, Western Australia
April 2011
I thought you would like to hear about my rescue Birman Monty who along with his half sister Chloe came to me through rescue 28/2/99. Chloe unfortunately died 22/08/2006. Monty who was born 17/03/92 has just celebrated his 19th Birthday he is still going strong. He and his sister had many adventures after joining us in rural Lincolnshire. I have enclosed some photographs of him in his younger days. He has outlived most of the dogs except the Border Collie who joined us as a pup in June 1999 and most of the other rescue dogs we have had since. He now lives with 2 Belgian Shepherd dogs and the Border Collie.

Barbara Walker-Smith
April 2011
My Birman Seal Point cat, Mindy (Valjan Fantasia Dream) , will be 21 years old in September 2011, she is still very active and goes for a walk round the garden and at present is eating us out of house and home, we think this is because it is Spring.

She was always fed on fresh meat, as she would not eat anything else, but recently will eat salmon and tuna.

I was hoping that she would be a record age, but I can see from your website that there are older ones.

Marjorie Parr
April 2011
Gerschwin is not yet 23 (born December 1991) but still very active.

His dad was a European champion but I never entered him into competition as I gave him as a present to my mother who passed away in 1996.

Here some recent pictures and I will keep you tuned!

Greetings from Antwerp!
Daniel Luyten
June 2011
This is Panjandrum Bestman, 3rd generation red point, was conceived on our daughter's wedding day, awarded many intermediate certificates and now lives on the Isle of Wight with his owners Mr and Mrs Leach, who congratulate him on his 21st birthday this month.

The rest of his litter mates were Wedding Knight , Blushing Bride, and Page Boy.

Anne Madden - Panjandrum Birmans
July 2011

Tofipuff Musical Bliss "Mufti" (d.o.b. 20 May 1993)
Dam Ch & Gr Pr Tofipuff Fair Astronomer & Sire Gr Ch Jandouglen Aslamic Prince

Mufti, a Bluepoint Female celebrated her 18th birthday on 20th May 2011. As a kitten she went with her brother to live in Hertfordshire, returning twice yearly for "holidays" when her owners travelled abroad. Sadly her brother died when he was quite young but Mufti continued to rule her owners for many years. At the end of 2010 her owners had a series of catastrophic events in the family, resulting in Mufti returning to live with me permanently for the remainder of her twilight years. She settled in remarkably well with my other five Birmans and one huge Norwegian Forest Cat, not forgetting the rescued rabbit that frequently comes through the cat flap into the house from the outdoor cat run where he has his hutch. Mufti ignores him! She is quite a character and having been granted every whim throughout her life, now expects nothing less than five star treatment, a service which is readily given. In the 80's and 90's we did have quite a few litters of kittens and Mufti is now the very last "kitten" bearing the prefix Tofipuff. She is all the more precious. We look forward to having her with us for the remainder of her life. She has very good health, eats well and sleeps a lot, commandeering the choicest spots in the sun.

Update: October 2013 - Mufti was put gently and peacefully to sleep on 30th September 2013. Her kidney failure occurred over just a few weeks. She was 20 years 4months and 10days old. She is buried beside her mother "Amy" (Ch & Gr Pr Tofipuff Fair Astronomer) We shall miss her funny little ways and very loud voice.

Theresa Groves - Tofipuff Birmans
September 2011

(An update) Mufti successfully reached her 20th birthday on May 20th 2013, which makes her, to date, 20 years 3 months. She eats and sleeps well, rules the house and as she is slightly deaf, lets everyone know exactly what she requires!

Theresa Groves- Tofipuff Birmans.
August 23rd 2013

Charlsim Polly. Polly, a Blue point female, was born 4th August 1989 in Barrowby, Lincolnshiren, bred by Mrs G Tapsell, and is the daughter of Gr Ch Charlsim Wishcumtru and Tranquil Pussywillow.

When Polly had her flu and enteritis injection at 12 weeks old it gave her gastroenteritis which made her very ill. It was touch and go but with 4 days of 24 hour watch and lots of TLC she thankfully recovered and the rest is history.

Aged 2, Polly starred in a production of 'Lettice and Lovage' at the local theatre starring alongside Jenny Tomasin, Ruby in the original series of Upstairs and Downstairs, after beating 10 other hopefuls.

Polly loves to go on holiday. She has caravanned from being a kitten to the age of 11. Since then she had holidayed in a pet friendly flat. She has been to the Lake District every year since she was a kitten where she has walked miles on her lead and harness.

At this stage in her life she spends a lot of time sleeping in a fur bed on an electric heat pad wrapped in a fleece. Well who can blame her, she is 104 years old in human years! We love Polly very much and realise we are fortunate to have had her for all these years.

Mrs D Johnson
September 2011
We live in New Zealand and we have a veteran SP male Birman Natrog Chu-Tiz-Pah(Cheeky). Cheeky turned 18 yrs on 18th November 2011. Cheeky has kidney failure and arthritis but still seems to be able to jump up on the bed OK. He is on medication for his kidneys and special food for his arthritis. He has to be groomed every day as he has trouble washing himself being restricted by the arthritis His fur seems to mat very easily I presume this would be related to his kidneys. He has developed a long drawn out yowl and incessant meowing, but we love him.

John & Heather
November 2011
! have a female Birman cat called Meisha who is turning 18 years old tomorrow. I also have a 16 year Male Birman, Zeus

It's quite amazing that Meisha has made it this far as she almost passed away when she was 5 years due to toxic poisioning. She's a real little character and I wouldn't be at all surprised if she breaks the record and she's not one to give up easily.

Nicole Maczyszyn, Australia
March 2012
Katcandu Festive Joy "Holly" (UK Gr Ch Mockorange Big Boy/Ch Katcandu Cleopatra) was born on 24th December 1995 hence her festive name (breeders Mr & Mrs Fenn). She was sadly put to sleep on 31st May 2012 after a brave two year fight against chronic bowel disease. Holly was a very bright petite blue point, whose strong will made compensated for her small size. She had plenty of spirit, hated to be ignored and is very much missed.

Best wishes
Dr Susan Finch, Stratford upon Avon
June 2012
I recently lost my much loved Smudge. She was 18years old. She had been suffering from kidney failure and related digestive problems for her final 1.5 years

Smudge was from good breeding stock with champions featuring in her pedigree, however she lived with me as a family pet. A real wee character and always up to mischief Smudge was very much a one person cat. For that reason she did not have show potential although she looked like a wee champ. She followed me around and was very loyal becoming more loving with advancing years.

Her parents were CH. Najim Beaujangles BluePoint male and Caliga Blue Moon, BluePoint female. Born in West Lothian 1994.

I made a calander a couple of years ago using photos of Smudge.

Its been almost a month since she died and I miss her every day.

Lorraine Robson
July 2012

Tiko died 6 days short of his 17th birthday, the most wonderful of companions. He was bred by Joan Gilmour in Ayrshire - sire Maidenlees Omar & dam Maidenlees Mandalay. He lived in Central Scotland all his life, as a pet rather than a show cat, brave and adventurous, quite tough and territorial, who perfected conveying aristocratic indignation better than any human actor. Yet he was deeply affectionate and loyal to his owners/chefs, Andrew and Ruth Knock, and went on walking holidays with them all over the UK. The photo is of him on his 16th birthday, considering Andrew. Thereafter he developed a tumour on the lower jaw, but kept going determinedly for many months. He is missed utterly.

August 2012

My blue-point Birman, 'Sinchat Cinderella' is fast approaching her 21st birthday,and is as fit as a fiddle!

Janice Adams
January 2013

Our Birman was 19 years old and was suffering from his walk and eyes.  He also had a problem with urnating in his beds for the last 6 months.  He would sit outside in one place for 2 hours and at time without moving.  We had to put him down today and it was one of the hardest thing that I have ever done.  Grown men do cry.  His name was Elvis Baker and called that name as when he was a kitten because all he would do was sing.  He can never be replaced.
Dennis Baker
January 2013

Milldener Delilah is a blue point Birman who was born on 28.02.94. She was bred by Wendy Dare of Milldener Birmans. Her father was Dubrova De Musset, a seal point and her mother was Panjandrum Natasha, a blue point.

Delilah was originally kept as a breeding queen but was unhappy in that environment and constantly escaped the cattery and would be found in the breeder's living room, making herself at home on their sofa.  When she was 3 it was decided she would be happiest as a pet. This decision coincided with my step-mother being diagnosed with terminal cancer. My father (who had always refused to have a cat in the house) asked me to purchase a cat for her, to be a companion through her illness, on the understanding I would home the cat after her death. So Delilah came into our lives. For the six months of my step-mother's illness, Delilah was her constant companion, never leaving her side until, literally, five minutes before my step mother passed away when Delilah suddenly jumped off the bed, ran away to hide and was missing for three days.

When she finally emerged from hiding I was expecting to take her home with me. instead, my supposedly cat-hating father decided Delilah was HIS cat, after all, and kept her for until his own death. They, also, became inseparable. Delilah was 15 when my father died and his death hit her very hard. My husband and I were convinced she wouldn't survive what seemed to be a genuine grieving process. it literally took weeks before she would even eat again. Fortunately she finally decided that my husband Would be an adequate substitute lap and regained her appetite again.

She is 19 today and her health is good on the whole. She's rather arthritic and she sometimes suffers from a vascular disorder that causes her to fit but 99% of the time she's absolutely fine and we have great hopes that she'll live forever ;>)

Amanda and Mike Williams


At 20 years of age.

Mildener Delilah,  a blue point Birman  (28.02.94 – 21.03.2014) Her father was Dubrova De Musset, a seal point and her mother was Panjandrum Natasha, a blue point. A grand, brave lady to the very end. She left us peacefully and will be sorely missed.

Mike and Amanda Williams

Natasha Nan-Chu (Tasha), born in January, 1990 at Azurojos Cattery in Bertram, Texas, has lived with my husband Sandy and me in Orlando and Fort Myers, Beach, FL, in Philly, and now in Asheville, NC where she enjoys sunny windows, long naps on the couch, the occasional bite of catnip and an afternoon promenade out on the deck.  She misses her companion, Mischa Maitreya, born a year earlier, who died in '10 at 21, but makes do with a young 3 year old upstart whose antics she observes from afar and graciously allows to share 'her' couch now and then.  Tasha is showing her age a bit now, walking a bit slower and getting a bit thinner, but she remains a remarkably sweet and loving cat who pats us for pets and treats and who sleeps under the covers with us every night.  We hope she will be with us as long as she feels like she wants to stay.  Here are some pictures - of Tasha and Mischa  together before Mischa passed away, and Tasha today.  I don't know if you track the age of Birmans out of UK but in any case thought you might like to know about our beautiful Tasha.

Rosemary and Sandy Uman

Coco Chanelle (Coco) She was 19 years old on 4th March 2013 and sadly, we had to make the decision on Wednesday to let her go – our last act of kindness for a beautiful lady.

I wanted you to know that she has been an amazing pet with all the traits we dream of. A beautiful looking cat with superb markings – very elegant with stunning blue eyes. Gentle but playful. No nasty characteristics (although she did rule over our Labrador Hector, often turfing him out of his basket). She had a healthy appetite and a good constitution and apart from a few teeth that we had removed when she was 15, there have been no problems.

As she got older, we adapted things around her to make life comfortable. A heated pad, pate style cat food, cat litter tray in the utility and lots of other things to keep her happy. She was a chatty girl throughout her life and had a distinct vocabulary. She stuck to a routine and no matter how we try to change her, she would not be shifted insisting on sitting on laps at a particular time, having a drink from the bath at 7am, cuddles on the bed at 10 pm and so on.

For the last few years, we have shelved a summer holiday as we felt she was too old for a cattery. It was a natural decision for us to make.

Our vet said she was amazing for 19 and agrees that it is only during the last few months that her kidneys stopped working and her quality of life worsened. Our vet came to the house so avoid any stress and gave her a gentle anaesthetic to first send her to sleep before moving to the next stage. She is now under a beautiful Japanese Acer – a fitting place. My husband and the vet remarked that they hope they will leave this mortal place in similar circumstances.

The house is horribly empty and quiet without her and I feel raw, sad and miss her hugely. It will get better.

What a joy she has been.

Margaret Robins

Henry Tigger is 18 years old, born 24/04/1995 and is four months older than me. He's a very proud cat (he knows he's beautiful!). Even if he is a little unsteady on his feet he's still the boss of a five cat household, as well as believing he's the boss of the whole road. He has frequently been found napping in the sun on other people's front porches or even their beds! Although in old age he prefers his own kitchen or garden. He is very affectionate and loves to give kisses and be scratched under his chin and hopefully will be around for cuddles for a while longer.

The picture shows Tiggy's current favourite spot, right in front of the Aga.


I have 2 Birmans who are brother and sister and they turned 19 last month. One is a Seal point boy George (Nanhelen Tina) We found out a month after bringing them home that he was in fact a boy not a girl. We did contact the breeder and she offered to swap but we had already become attached to him and didn't want to upset Daisy(Nanhelen Anne), a blue tabby girl. They were bred by L Gale in Reigate, Surrey. Their sire was Julipaul Prince a blue tabby point and dam was Adinnlo Autumegold a seal point. Here are a couple of photos of them.

Lisa Maloney

Milliemollymandy (Millie) is my chocolate point Birman. She is 18 years old (b 15.9.95) and whilst not as spritely as she was she is still as vocal! A pampered house cat and best friend to my 11 year old son, George. I've attached a picture of Millie in her cat cave. Recently she has been suffering with her liver but things have stabilised and she seems happy enough. She's a lovely old lady and still a character.

Zoe Matsell

My 2 Birman sisters have just had their 18th birthday. They were born 8th Feb 1995. Charlotte is a Seal point and her sister Emily is a Blue point. They are both in good health and Charlotte still has her playful moments. I adopted my girls 5 years ago when their original owner could no longer care for them and it was love at first sight for all of us.

February 2013

Updates on my Birmans Charlotte and Emily in Australia. Charlotte will celebrate her 19th birthday on Saturday 8th Feb. Charlotte is in very good health. Sadly her sister Emily passed away last March 6 weeks after their joint 18th birthday. Charlotte received a title for her birthday and is now known as Princess Charlotte. The enclosed photos show her wearing her new cloak and diamond tiara. I would never try to dress a cat so the cloak is only laid on her back while she is busy eating.

Sylvia Bazley (Australia)
February 2015

My beautiful Birman Charlotte died yesterday 19th March aged 20 yrs. and 6 weeks old. She had been having trouble with her back legs for a few weeks and when she could no longer walk it was kinder to let her go. Charlotte now joins her sister Emily who died at 18 yrs. old.

Will love and miss you forever my two special girls.

Sylvia Bazley Australia
March 2014

Aduello Kangokiwi (Poppet) is a Seal Point will be 18 years old in October. He moved with us to Norway at the age of 7 months old and moved all over the country with us. He was bred by Shirley Dawes in Cornwall.

Jenni Martin (Norway)
July 2014

I came across your website while looking up how old Birman cat's get. Our own, Mookie (given name Raisa, born July 11, 1994) turned 20 less than a month ago.  She has been a very healthy cat over the years but had a few seizures a couple of years ago and we were told she was developing renal failure.  Despite that she has done remarkably well with good food (including raw fish which she loves) up until this week.  She has pyelonephritis and although seems to be getting over that her kidney function is quite poor now.  Despite that she looks great, still affectionate and not in pain.  We're not sure how long she'll be with us, but she has been a wonderful pet and companion.

Gordon Francis
Vancouver, BC
August 2014

A friend passed on the link to your website, and how delighted I was to read about Birmans. They have such wonderful personalities - are so warm and loving. Until last year I was the proud 'staff' member to 2 of these wonderful creatures, Pippen and Holly (pedigree names Sandsfoot Pippen and Sandsfoot Holly). Holly, who died last year, was aged 19 and Pippen, who remains fit and healthy, reached 21 years on 19 June.

Although not religious I feel truly blessed to have been able to take care of my girls and have them part of my life for so long. They have been there for me throughout some tough times, and my life would have been so much the poorer if they had not been there. We have moved many times over the last 21 years - Switzerland, Devon, Bristol, Watford, London and now the Cotswolds, among our many homes. They've always settled in quickly and taken ownership of all they surveyed! They were quite at home in the car -
I didn't hear a peep out of them when crossing the channel en-route to Switzerland or on the return journey

I miss my little Holly terribly; I had her put to sleep in my arms after she lost her battle with cancer. Thankfully it happened quickly so she didn't suffer. I know my time with Pippen is limited but she can still shout the house down if she wants something and jumps onto my bed for a cuddle every night.

I just wanted to tell you a little about my girls.

Best wishes
Julia Stobie
(September 2014)

I would like to include my beautiful Poppy on your Veterans page. She was 20 years old on 20 September and her photo was taken in the last week. Her pedigree name is Parryanne Poppy and she was bred by Penny and Barry Hunt. Her date of birth is 20/09/1994, her Sire was Ch Shandatal Blue Danube (Blue) and her Dam Ch & UK Gr Pr Parryanne Portia (Blue Tabby). She is a sweet, calm but very determined character and lives with Posy who was 18 on 26 September, but being two years older and smaller in stature does not stop her being the alpha female in the house. She will happily muscle in to wherever she wants to be - food bowl, comfy lap - she quite literally pushes Posy off. She enjoys the odd potter in the garden and when the sun is out spends most of her time snuggled up on a blanky in the conservatory where she will happily toast herself all day. Poppy's picture is on the Birman Cat Community Facebook where she is up to nearly 500 Likes and lots of lovely messages.

Julie Stuttard
September 2014

This is a picture of Toffee taken today Sunday 5th October, Toffee otherwise know as Briarland Nanoushka was born on 12th May 1996. That according to our reckoning makes her 18 years and 5 months.

Martin Carr
October 2014

Katcandu Foxy Lady AKA Coco (a seal point) and her half-brother Henry (a blue point) came to us from the Birman Welfare and Rescue at the age of 5. I collected them on the 4th July 1999. My lovely blue point boy had only recently died and I was not looking for another Birman quite so soon but their owner was emigrating to New Zealand and the association was keen to re-home them ASAP. Henry sadly died at the age of 9 but we have had 15 memorable years with Coco. From a cat that, for the first 5 years or so, would not dream of sitting on your lap (she would deign to rest her head on your leg if you were lucky), she became one that loved sharing your lap, or better still, your warm seat on the settee the moment you got up . She never did appreciate being picked up cuddled for any length of time though. She was strong and healthy all her life but then went suddenly downhill at the end and despite trying everything for two weeks, nothing worked and so we had to say goodbye to her.

Karen Marks
October 2014

We have an 19 year 4 months old elderly Seal Point male Birman called Simba. He was born on 12 June 1995 to a breeder in Farnborough, Hampshire and we bought him when he was about 8 weeks old. He has been in relatively good health over the years but does suffer from a heart murmur. He is now in to his 20th year and suffers from kidney problems. He is now a house cat.

Paul & Julie Stacey
November 2014

We have a Blue Point male Birman named Brian and he had his 18th birthday in September. |He is called the miracle cat at his local vets as we thought we were going to lose him nearly 2 years ago, due to his poor health, but he has bounced back and he is a much loved member of the family.

The Hellyer Family, New Zealand.
December 2014

My beautiful birman, Lianna (Camortacha Mathilde) was born on 14th August 1995 and lived to nearly 19.  She survived 7 years with a diagnosis of HCM, excellent quality of life until the last year or so when she became arthritic and partially blind. Her heart finally failed on 20.7/14. She was a real character with a strong will to survive but also so sweet and loving. Her long term companion Cera, a dsh tabby aged 17, only survived her by a few weeks, I had to let her go the day after what would have been Lianna's 19th birthday. Official cause was rapidly progressing kidney failure but I think losing Lianna played a part. 

I have a 9 year old dsh ginger tabby, 2 6 month old black and white kittens, and this week I am meeting a Birman kitten who will hopefully join us next month. I hope her life will be as long and at least as healthy as Lianna's.

January 2015

My Beautiful birman boy Brody was sadly put too rest last Wednesday. He would have been 19 in April. He had two seizures the day we called the vet, after he was diagnosed with maybe a tumour in his lower abdomen (without xray) just before christmas. We decided to keep him and nurse him. He was a little incontinent, but still eating and drinking... Even after his seizures.. But he was looking tired and it was time.  
I have added a couple of photo’s one from 3 yrs ago and one from the day he passed. I was lucky to have spent some time with him before he went accross rainbow bridge. I have another picture of me holding him... but that makes me cry way too much  
Perth – Western Australia
December 2015

Ranhisma - Brody (DOB 01.09.1994)

I adopted "Katman" - his new name, as he struts around like a little man! In the year 2000 , he came to me in my grief after my Mother died and he has been with me ever since. Last September we celebrated his 20th birthday with a party. He is the light of my life, we are not sure if we will make it to 21 this year but rest assure ..... He will not suffer as long as I breath air. I will look after him until the end.

Julie Koot
North Queensland, Australia
March 2015

I inherited my Birman 'Zara' from my dad when he passed away in 2005 and she is still with me and now 20 years old in May. I really didn't think she would cope with moving from the country to a town environment but she is still here with me and I wouldn't be without her. We have been through lots of medical issues including teeth, kidney and now arthritis but she is one amazing pussy cat and she is loved to bits.  My dad would be so happy she was his life.

Elizabeth Machin

After the 21st bithday of our BP female Caze Little Bo Peep on 27 March, I read with interest the names and ages of the cats listed on your Veteran list. Bo Peep is the grand-daughter of Laurant Blue Bayou whose parents are both listed - Dearing Boy Sioux and Satinsox Bubbles - so she is from good stock. Blue Bayou (Mittens) lived only 12 years, but her daughters Caze Pandora and Cleopatra managed 18 and 19 years respectively. Bo Peep is still going strong.

Kay and Bob Alford
April 2015

We would like to celebrate our sweet Birman, who will be 19 on May 1, 2015. We are not sure if she will reach that milestone, because she is now quite frail. However, she has been a wonderful cat, a great gift to us.

She is Thule “Smilla" Jasperson of Silkencats, born on May 1, 1996.  

Smilla has always been an athletic cat, capable of great vertical jumps.  We have 
called her the feline Michael Jordan, because she appears to jump straight up and then move laterally to her landing spot, much as Michael himself did when shooting jump shots.  Now, she most just jumps onto our bed, which has always been her domain since we pulled her into bed with us when she was a kitten to comfort her in a new home.  Despite the great  jumps, when she is tooling around the house, she still uses the Birman shimmy-shake waddle, which makes her appear as if she’d have no athletic ability at all.  

For many years she shared our home with Lucia, a silver tabby Maine Coon who came to live with us just a week before Smilla. They got on reasonably well, but Smilla always guarded her bed, ceding the second floor of the house to Lucia.  After Lucia passed away, a new cat, Nyx, found us, and she gradually entered the household.  Although Nyx was twice Smilla’s size, Smilla wasted no time in exerting dominance, jumping on her new adopted sister and  riding her part way about our house.  Properly chastened, Nyx has since been wary of Smilla, even as the old girl has slowed down dramatically.  

Peter and Kathleen “K” Lolli
April 2015

Khali my 19 year old female Birman celebrated her birthday on 18.6.15. She has had chronic renal failure since age 10 but is still going strong today . She has a special kidney dry food diet plus senior sachets of cat food . She lives with 4 springer spaniels but sleeps most of the day in a warm spot . I had her checked out today at the vets and she passed with flying colours despite her lovely blue eyes going a bit cloudy now and only weighing 2.65 kgs . She has never been a big cat but is so affectionate and content . I am sharing the sofa with Khali next to me on the arm of the chair and 2 of the springers on my right. Hopefully We will have more of these family evenings,

Jacquie Perry
June 2015

My birman was 19 on 10th May. She was very ill two years or so ago, but recovered we think possibly from stones and is happily still going strong and is very beautiful, but we are all very biased. Pics attached. One is last Xmas and the other April

Linda Bennett
October 2015



My male, red point Birman, Jasper, is 19 today. He is senile, suffers constipation, is deaf, has fits, has renal problems, but is still going strong!

Pauline Debrevi
January 2016




Aduello Kangokiwi

Our birman was born in October 1996 so is now nearly 19 and a half. He is a seal point. Very noisy! His pet name is Poppet. His back legs are a bit weak, but not his voice! He is originally from Cornwall but travelled with us in 1997 to Norway.

Jenni Martin
March 2016

I just thought you might like to know. It's our Birman cat's 22nd birthday today. (29th March 2016)

Georgia doesn't have much life left in her days so I suspect she does have many days left in her life so I doubt she'll reach 23, but we are so proud of her.

Glenn Curley
April 2016

I just saw your newsletter.  I have a seal point Birman called Mali (female) who was born in Sept 1995 so she’ll be 21 this year if she makes it.  Her son who was born in 1996 made it to the good old age of 18 so she has well surpassed him.  She is however, sleeping around 22 hours per day and quite skinny now.  If she makes it to 24/25 I would be very surprised but if that’s the case, I’ll email you again.  

Eva, Bristol
April 2016

We have had the privilege of living with Bluebell - Adhirlo Bluebell Karima for the past 21 years. Her DOB 16th May 1995. She has been a remarkable companion and is truly the best friend you could ever have. She makes us laugh & gives so much love. We consider ourselves so fortunate to be her Mum & Dad. She has a few problems, the usual kidney problems and blood pressure but all in all is still quite fit and happy. We hope and pray that she continues to thrive and enjoy her life.

Sue & Tony Billows
May 2016

Najim Livingstone ( Larry) was bred by Jan Wedgbury and we met him as a tiny kitten with his mother and siblings at Jan Wedgbury`s home in Bewdley, all those years ago. He celebrated his 20th birthday last month

Jan named him "Livingstone" after the famous explorer due to his curious, active and confident attitude.............characteristics still present, but his frailty is becoming apparent and "Livingstone" takes rather longer over his explorations these days!

He is a Lilac Point and his pedigree name is Najim Livingstone and his DOB 14th May 1996, Sire: Ch Quernmore Commander Data, Dam: Najim Calico

Patricia Hunter
June 2016

My cat Mystery dude "Hiscock" is a pedigree Birman blue and is of 19 years of age and counting. Before we had her, we had a cat which tragically lived for just one year. Fortunately, Gemma, the cat, has made up for it by living till 19 and counting.

We’ve lost her birth records but are pretty sure she is born around December 1997.

August 2016

Mitzi (Annaric Tanglepaws Mitzi) celebrated his 20th birthday on 28th May this year. He is a very handsome seal point Birman who we adopted with his half sister through the BCC back in 2006 because his family were moving abroad. They were already 10 years old. Zara, a gorgeous petite tortie point, sadly died last year not long after her 19th birthday. Mitzi's father was Ch. Veyriere Whisky Mac and his mother, Adinnlo Tigerlilley. Zara's mother was Veyriere Indyanna Velvet. Mitzi's favourite food is tuna but he doesn't like to have to chew too hard these days so we try to give him food with plenty of liquid and gravy. Having said that, cuddles have always seemed to be more of a priority than food for Mitzi! He has become an indoor cat in his senior years but has a strong set of lungs which belies his great age! We have noticed that his dark brown face and legs have faded in the past year. He has been on medication for his kidneys for almost 10 years and it certainly seems to have worked wonders for him. The vet gave him a good report last week, which was reassuring. He's a lovely gentle boy.

Amanda Corp
November 2016

Mindy 14/11/ 1996 - beloved pet of Marcelle Montgomery of Ourimbah NSW Australia. She has recently turned 20 years old. Mindy and her half sister Mandy (24/12/1996 - 15/11/2013, almost 17 yrs) were reject pedigree show cats from Mandeanara Cattery of Narara NSW. Mindy is no lap cat and absolutely hates being picked up but loves to be next to me on the sofa. She has suffered epileptic type fits for the last 10 years, but she is still going strong. She doesn't appear to have any other health issues, and has a healthy appetite. It is hard to believe that she is still with us. May be her secret is to sleep as much of 24 hours a day as she can.

Marcelle Montgomery
November 2016

Our blue point male Birman Meeko has recently celebrated his 19th birthday. He looks amazing considering his age although he does take medication for his kidneys and blood pressure.

Julie Bashford
December 2016

I have a Birman I bred, NS Ch & Bronze TD Gd Ch Sarika Bon Bon (a Chocolate point), who turned 21 on 25 December 2016. She was a great show cat and breeder, and eventually was desexed.  I bred Bon Bon while living in Canberra, and she has stayed with me and we now  live in Northern New South Wales, where we retired to.  Her daughter that is a Chocolate Tortie lives with her, as does her granddaughter, a Seal point. Bon Bon is really showing her age now (the photo was taken when younger); her skin is very tender and she hates being groomed, but she is the first one at the food bowl

Liz Robinson
December 2016

Dino was born on the 25th August 1997 and died on the 15th January 2017 and was a pedigree Birman, whose rather long pedigree name ended in "Boo-Boo". He became Dino, after the famous Ferrari model, which was deliberately ironic as he never did anything at speed! Originally one of four cats we owned, two of them Birman/Persian crosses and a rescue moggie, he outlived all of them by over five years. He survived a major thyroid operation when he was 18 years old and was only recently diagnosed with heart problems but as the vet assured he was in no pain, we elected to nurse him through his last days. He finally passed away on the 15th January. My wife Sue and I were both physically and emotionally exhausted after nursing him for over a month and are both still devastated by his loss. The house is so empty without him. He had the most wonderful personality and would tolerate any amount of physical contact. He would greet us with his strangulated Birman squeak and follow us around like a dog and would always come to see any visitor and then made his mind up if they were interesting enough for him to stay. He loved a cuddle and would put both front paws around my wife's neck and nuzzle up into her chin as far as he could and always gave her a “kiss” at bedtime. He had a penchant for home made rock cakes and double cream (but turned his nose up at single cream!). I used to really enjoy grooming his luxurious mane and he would purr loudly as I did it. He didn’t have an aggressive bone in his body and was so loved by many of our friends that he get his own Xmas presents and cards.

God Bless you Dino. You brought so much joy into to our lives and were so brave at the end. We are totally heartbroken now you've gone and will take your memory with us to our own dying days.

John Alexander
January 2017

We researched breeds of cats many years ago and decided on the Birman. We contacted a breeder in Hershey Pa and through conversations with her we were able to find our "Spud" in Winchester VA. His original name was fancy, but was changed after we observed his very laid back behavior. Sadly, even though we could have registered him, we never did as he was only a family member and not a breeder.

He is still active and goes up and down two flight of stairs many times during the day. He has only been outside of our home two times in twenty years, both by mistake. He has and remains in charge demanding his food at dinner time and frustrated when we interrupt his alone time.

He is a cherished member of our family

Charlie Lawler
Fairmont WV
March 2017

Polsan was born the 5th of July 1999. She is currently living in Stockholm where she spends her days talking endlessly with her two masters, catching shoes during the night (and carefully dragging them to the food station), eating gourmet catfood, pasta or potatoes and sleeping in the sun. Once a day she enjoys a short walk around the house and sometimes, during these occasions, she slaps a neighbor cat in the face.

Kristofer & Elin Andersson
Stockholm, Sweden
May 2017

My Birman girl was born 5 May 1999. She is still active and curious, her name is Malin Turtlecat. She has her own Instagram acount @Lady Malin Cat. She has good health and eats well.

Cathrine Naess
October 2017

My beautiful seal point Birman Lisa is 18 years and going strong. Sshe does have kidney failure but still enjoys life. She was born 1999 and has seen the children grow up and leave home. Lisa now shares her home with Paddy the yellow lab but she's still the boss. Lisa is a one woman cat a real mummy's girl and always has been . I'm very proud of how she's doing so thought I'd let you know.

Amanda Hedley, Hereford.
October 2017

Milldener Jezabel (Jez) has just died, sadly at the age of 25.  The house is very empty  after breeding Birmans for many years. My husband died a few months before and Jez was very fond of him, and I wondered if she missed him.

If anyone knows of cats or kittens of my Milldener breed  I would love to hear. I  Am hoping to find a seal kitten from somewhere.

Wendy Dare
January 2018

Sadly lost my beautiful boy, Pablo, last August he was 18 years and 6 weeks Best ever cat.

February 2018

Just thought you may find my beautiful Sebastian's 22nd Birthday of interest. He is moving slower now and cannot hear (vision is also deteriorating) but he is still alert and demand to be fed twice a day. He is still the boss of everyone. Nothing seems to deter him, even a home renovation. The vets (who have his birth date recorded) had to check their records as they were astounded that he is still alive.

Deanne Francis
February 2018

Bakista 'Omar' Periwinkle - (09.04.1999 - 18.02.2018) - Our beloved pet Seal Point Tabby Birman Omar sadly passed away just a few weeks shy of his 19th birthday. He was the most lovable, playful, gentle old cat with the heart and bravado of the feisty kitten he once was and a joy to be around. Bred by Barbara Maund in Co Cork in Ireland he came to live in Malahide in Dublin aged 16 weeks. Outside he loved gardening and watching the birds on their feeder,  basking in the sun and going for walks along his well worn usual path. Inside he enjoyed preventing you doing the ironing (or any task that wasn't all about Omar-time), eating tuna, turkey and the occassional marshmallow! His passing has left a huge hole in our hearts. He will be missed more than we could ever say.

Oonagh Myers and Mary Duffy
February 2018

Dear editor, having read some of the testimonials by other Birman owners I thought I might add Gertie to your list of veteran cats. Gertie was bred by Mrs J Luscombe, Horrabridge, Devon and was born 21st October 1999. Whilst the breeder gave her a very grand sounding name on the lines of Maschenka Princess, Isis of the Blue Nile, to us as a delightful blue, tabby kitten she always looked like a Gertie. Read more........

Marthe Gomer
April 2018

Hi - this is actually about a 16 year old! She was entrusted to me about 10 years ago by Heather.  Her name is Hermione Rose, known as Mimi, or as the vets more appropriately spell it 'MeMe'! She is sadly now suffering from ckd, but maintaining well on renal function biscuits, and (cat) chicken soup, and has even put on a little weight since diagnosis. She is very feisty, making her wishes very clearly known! My sister has come to live with me, and the one TV programme we watch together is Eastenders. This immediately sets Mimi off on a 'fixed' routine. Asking to be picked up and placed on the arm of my armchair (she can easily jump up), drinking out of my glass of water (which has had to become hers!), jumping down, then pestering my sister to be picked up and brushed, before sitting on the floor and glaring at us until the programme is finished! I have put a quote on facebook from the vet 'on second thoughts, I should have cut her claws before I tried to give her the worming tablet (!)' Needless to say, I am hoping that she will go on for a few years yet, but I would like to thank Heather for all the years of pleasure this naughty delight has already given me.

Catherine Taylor
June 2018

Petra born 3 July 2000. Stokefield Skyblue Secret (Sire Urprity Nelson  13c2Blue, Dam Stokefield Apache Princess , 13c2Blue) Breeder Mrs J Neilson of East Stoke.

Fied born 3 July 2000, died Nov 2017. Stokefield Blue Fazzarne (Sire Urprity Nelson  13c2Blue, Dam Stokefield Apache Princess , 13c2Blue) Breeder Mrs J Neilson of East Stoke.

Both are pet quality. We had them chipped, but otherwise we ignored most of the advice we initially got re food, temperature etc, and treated them exactly the same as every other cat we have had –pampered  house pets eating conventional food with freedom to roam anywhere inside and outside through a cat flap. When they were young they were low in the pecking order (we had two Heinz cats), so probably did not show their attributes until the older cats left us (both of a good age). But then they took over the house, my wife becoming the on call waitress, petter, comber and general servant. Fied began to talk (usually at night or feeding time). We swear he would say “Hello” when he wanted something which was often!) Last November it was Petra’s turn, and boy did she take advantage of it. She had obviously been listening to Fied and composing many of her own words, which she uses now. Her tones range from a plaintiff ‘I would like attention’ to a very angry ‘Why are you not doing what I want you to do’. She sleeps most of the day and still spends time outside during the warmer days, and at night tends to be on the bed with us – recently under the duvet when it is cooler. She has kidney disease now and we are trying our best to keep her on a renal diet. Sometimes that is not easy.

They have been the most loving – and yes, demanding, pets we have ever had. If we were younger we would definitely have another pair.

Matthew and Julie Mulgrew
July 2018

I've just lost my beloved Jake age 20years and 2 months. He was a loving beautiful chocolate point Birman, his "Aunty Saffy" a gorgeous seal point died at 20 three years ago. Gosh I miss them.

Angela Le Breton

My family has had three adorable Birmans for nearly 20 years and we absolutely LOVE the breed,  but I have only just twigged there is a club for them/us!

Sadly, Tia (lilac) passed on not long ago, aged 21, but we have had Sandy (seal)  and Milkshake (tortie)  since they were kittens. Originally Tia’s cousins, they are now 19 and 18 and doing very well. They were bred by Mrs Lee of Yarnton and have stayed in good shape, having benefited from excellent vet care. They were the first customers of the Oxford Cat Clinic when it started up over 15 years ago. Please see the attached photos.

Jackie Holderness
July 2018

My male seal point Birman (Snoopy) will be 21 years old on 28 October this year. He comes from Margaret Sutton’s  Milais Birmans in the north island of New Zealand.

Junine Stewart
July 2018

I rescued two blue point Birmans from Birman rescue in 2009. Lilah passed away in 2014 age 20 and sadly her daughter Libby passed away age 22 and 8months two weeks ago. They were beautiful cats and I shall miss them very much. Libby was born deaf so we used hand signals to get her to come over to us.

Julie Dubroff
August 2018

My Birman, Rakim Glitterpantz, is now 22 years and 5 months and still going strong albeit a bit dotty. We believe she has F.A.R.S so we know not to rattle keys or cutlery near her.

Hoping she reaches the 24 you are hoping for but I know its a long shot.

Linda Bennett
October 2018

We have a pure bred Blue Point birman, Thadeus Blueboy, who turned 22 years old on 8th August 2018.  He is still with us and still acts like a much younger guy. 

Monica Haskett, proud Birman owner, Port Orange, Florida, USA
October 2018

We owned a Seal Point Female we named Pixie (pedigree name Caralo Tessacherie). She was born on 10th August 1998 and lived till a couple of days ago, passing away on 6th January 2019. She was such a gorgeous cat, full of mischief and had a wonderful life. She went deaf about a year ago and gradually lost weight and could not groom herself for the last year. She passed away peacefully at home and will be missed so badly.

My wife and I had Pixie from October 1998, a long time ago and she remained with us through many house moves, job and career changes, getting married, 4 children and getting 2 new birmans 6 months ago. She was truly unique, with a very loving personality and was very mischievous when she was younger. She loved playing hide and seek which gave me endless hours of fun before I had the 4 kids. She wasn't too fond of the kids when they started arriving....upsetting her routines a bit....but she was a gorgeous little lady and never lost her cool. We were so lucky too as she didn't have any real health issues till quite recently.

She did start to lose her hearing about 18 months ago and began having fits when she heard certain noises like a crisp packet being crumpled...but they disappeared quite quickly as she lost her hearing completely over about 6 months we think. She was totally deaf by about this time last year. We stopped allowing her outside at that point as we were always afraid she would get hurt or not hear a car outside of the house. She adored sitting on my shoulder, up where she could see everything and she was on my shoulder about 3 days before she passed away, still purring away, loving the attention. She lost quite a deal of weight over the last year and she became very thin and unsteady on her feet.

She stopped drinking and eating on Friday 4th January and by Saturday afternoon, my wife knew she was on her way out. She became semi conscious by Sat night and we nursed her gently through the night, giving her very small amounts of water from a small bottle. By Sunday morning, I could not watch her any longer and we took her to the vet by special appointment to be put to sleep. She always hated being in the car and she moved her limbs around on the short car trip, although barely conscious, knowing she was in the car.

The was fantastic, very sensitive and allowed us time to say goodbye. It was heartbreaking to say the least, as she was injected through the I.V line, I stroked her under the chin and she extended her neck one last time before she went. I found it very hard to be honest....she was with us so long, and had such a charmed life, this is my only comfort now, knowing that we gave her so much care and attention over her lifetime.

Ive tried to track down the lady who sold her to us in 1998, Barbara Maund, who is originally from the UK but lived for many years here in the R.O.I. in a place called Glengarrif, Cork. She bred Birmans around the late 1990s and into the 2000s. I suppose out of sentimentality ... but she appears to have left and gone back to the UK a few years ago. I would guess that Pixie, who came from a litter of 6 ... was probably the longest surviving sibling ... but I guess we will never know. Pixie passed away on 6th January 2019 making her 20 years and 4 months old. She will really be missed by my wife and I, who cherished and adored her all of her lifetime.

David Hearne
January 2019

I would like to include our Sacred Birman Leonie to your oldest Birmans list!

She was born on the 9th of January 1999 in Düsseldorf, Germany, so she turned 20 today.
She is still doing well, living in Cologne, Germany.

Tim von Holst
January 2019

We have a male blue Birman called Frosty who turned 23 on 17th December 2018. Born 17/12/1995. We live in Sydney and his diet is fresh chicken fillets and fresh Australian and New Zealand fish with some tinned food but no red meat. Still interested in us and life and our other Birman who is 13.

Sue Mahr 
January 2019

Max is a rescue Birman. He was found by a set of traffic lights on a busy road at Church Lawton in Stoke on Trent and given to Alsager Animals In Need before coming to Cheshire to his forever home. I have had the pleasure of him by my side for 16 years. His estimated age when we brought him home was 18 months to 2 years old so that will make him about 19 years old in September this year. I actually believe that he got into someone's vehicle and escaped or got put out on the road and he wasn't even chipped, so sad, but he has had the best care and love since and that will continue. He is such a lovely boy.

Carol Revell
(March 2019)

Here is my 24-year-old deceased cat Scherry, born in 1994 and sadly died 27 February 2019. Unfortunately I do not know her exact birth date because she was found lost or abandoned. These photos I have sent are one when she was young and the last when very old.

Maurilia Boen
(Italy, March 2019)