Annual Show

The 2020 Birman Cat Club Annual Show

While going through the club calendar yesterday I realised that the date of the Club Show differs to that on the GCCF website.

After checking with the show manager I can confirm that the correct date for the show is 28th November 2020.

Neil Porter
23rd January 2020

The 2019 Birman Cat Club Annual Show

was held on 23rd November 2019
North Solihull Sports Centre, Conway Road
Solihull, Birmingham B37 5LA

Overall Best In Show
(for the second successive year!)

Ch & Imp Gr Pr Sucette Wishy Washy (SBI g)
Owned and Bred by Miss E Whitby

Overall Best Household Pet

OB IGMC Miss Mary (NPS f)
Owned by Miss D Lewis

Photographs by Alistair Balharrie

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