The Birman Cat Club holds the following list of kittens looking for homes.
Please contact the Breeder indicated for more details should you be interested in one of these kittens.


Mrs Nicki Fenwick-Raven
Tel: 01255 850021 or 07791 168963

Assistant Co-ordinator
Mrs Pat Williams
01793 824708

Assistant Co-ordinator
Mrs Ivy Perry
01389 841240

Assistant Co-ordinator
Mrs Eileen Reynolds
0208 579 4752

Breeders wishing to register kittens on this list should download this form.

To remove kittens, can breeders please email and

Name Area Contact details Kittens available Ready
Mira Stanic Warwick, Warks 01926 740518
07546 969922
Lilac M (show) Now
Alan & Dawn Brown
Dalteema Birmans
Mexborough, S. Yorks 07731 455412
Cream Tabby M (pet/show) Now
Katharine Roberts
Katestfrey Birmans
York, N. Yorkshire 01904 750583
07793 437553 / 07831 666314
Facebook - Katestfrey Birmans
Red M (pet)
Seal Tortie Fs (pet)
Jeni Nutley
Siolu Birmans
Salisbury, Wiltshire 01722 501213
07891 484503
Red M (pet) 12.10.2017
Alan & Dawn Brown
Dalteema Birmans
Mexborough, S. Yorks 07731 455412
Seal Tortie F (pet)
Seal Tortie Tabby Fs (pet)
Nicki Fenwick-Raven
Amisti Birmans
Frinton on Sea, Essex 07791 168963

Seal Tabby M (pet)
Red Tabby M (pet)
Seal Tabby F (pet)

Mrs V Kilby
Silkpaws Birmans
Berwick upon Tweed 01289 386252
Red Fs 06.11.2017
Seal Tortie Fs 20.11.2017
Kurt Underhay Compton, West Sussex 02392 631875
Blue Ms (pet/show) 18.12.2017

Information for Prospective Kitten Owners:

Members of the Birman Cat Club are permitted to advertise their litters on this list upon payment of a fee which is paid to the Birman Cat Club Welfare and Rescue charity.

It should be noted that The Birman Cat Club has not assessed, inspected or checked the breeders, their premises or the kittens on this list. The Birman Cat Club will not take any responsibility for the general health of the kittens. The purchaser is strongly advised to carefully check any kittens that they are proposing to purchase and to read the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy Code of Ethics for Breeders and Owners.

Kittens can be registered by a breeder under different registration organisations. If you are buying a kitten you intend to show or breed from under either the GCCF, TICA or FiFE rules, please ensure that the breeder is registering the kitten with the most appropriate authority for you. If not you may have to re-register the kitten yourself after purchase. This may be both time consuming and costly.

Prospective kitten owners wishing to purchase pedigree kittens are reminded that they should not purchase kittens from or go to stud with any breeder currently suspended by the GCCF. Any kittens purchased from, or resulting from such a mating, will not be registered by the GCCF. Please refer to the GCCF Suspension List for a list of breeders currently suspended.

The Importance of having the Correct Paperwork when Selling Pedigree Kittens By Anne Gregory