Guide for Breeders



All breeders must at the point of sale, provide a pedigree for the kitten/cat they are selling, together with an absolute minimum the kittens/cats vaccination card. This must include all registration numbers for at least the first three generations. There is no reason for any breeder to withhold the pedigree, this cannot be arranged despite agreement from both parties. Breach of Rule 10a 

Transfer of Registration: Section 1 Rules 10a and 10b

When a cat or kitten is advertised or sold as a pedigree cat or kitten the breeder shall at the time of sale, provide the purchaser with a properly completed pedigree signed by the breeder, carrying 3 generations at least, showing all the breed numbers and registration numbers, also the breeders name and address. If the cat/kitten is not registered, a copy of the mating certificate (Rule 3d) shall be supplied by the breeder to the new owner.  

New rule regarding registration cards is now in force. All kittens MUST be sent to their new homes with their registration card. Breeders are no longer allowed to retain this under any circumstances. That includes mutual agreement. You can no longer withhold the registration card until proof of neutering is supplied.  

Don’t forget that all kittens MUST have completed their primary course of vaccinations at least 7 days prior to re-homing. The only reason the GCCF will accept is for kittens leaving without full vaccinations is if there is a medical reason why your vet will not administer the vaccine. If this is the case, you MUST submit a letter from your vet outlining the circumstances.  

The BCC has no power to assist when dealing with anyone who is not a registered breeder with the club on receipt of an official complaint, however we would like ALL breeders to ensure they adhere to the GCCF’s rules. Failure to do may result in a fine and/or disciplinary action by the GCCF. Should a breeder be disciplined by the GCCF, then the committee may decide to also remove them as registered breeders with the club.  Further information & definition of rules can be found on the gccf website. 

Any breeders not already on our Breeder & Kitten list on the club website please contact our helpful co-ordinators. All kitten enquiries to the club are directed to our website.  


Breeders wishing to advertise on the Kitten List on the Birman Cat Club website please contact
Mrs Nicki Fenwick Raven for details.
07791 168963 / 012955 850021

Breeders wishing to be added o the Breeder List or for renewals please contact
Jenny Veal email

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